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Sievert Burner Flame Profiles

Propane is the preferred heating system for the model engineer when silver soldering. It is safe, efficient and cheap to run. It will deliver sufficient heat, in the right place to achieve the capillary flow of the silver solder, essential for strong joints. Sievert offers the most reliable system. From the same basic PMPX kit of a regulator, hose, handle, neck tube and burner you can generate from 0.25 kw upto 86kw. The only changes that need to be made are to the burner and/or necktube.

Sievert Regulators

Why use a regulator?

All burners require a steady pressure in order to perform well and ideally run at about 2 bar. The larger burners can operate at higher pressures and achieve greater heating capacity. Because the flame temperature is constant, heating capacity is dependent solely on the amount of gas being consumed.

The pressure is stabilised to obtain the correct pressure irrespective of the outside temperature of the propane cylinder.

Why use a Hose Failure Valve?

Safety. It cuts off the gas supply in the event of a hose rupture or other major gas leak. They are particularly recommended for use with long hoses.
The hose connection rotates freely on the valve housing reducing the risk of the hose becoming entangled.

Sievert Hose

All Sievert hoses comply with EN559. They are frost resistant and can operate doown to -30 deg C. They have an inner layer of black, gas resistant rubber, and a middle layer of reinforcing weave to with stand the pressures. The outer layer is a durable orange layer to protect against external damage, sunlight and ozone.

Sievert Handles


Single valved handle suitable for all applications. The spindle and valve are designed to give a very exact and quick flame setting.

SV 3488

Double valved handle that incorporates one main valve and one economiser valve that provides a gas saving pilot flame. The trigger instantly shifts the flame from pilot to main flame. No need to keep relighting the burner.

All metal parts are made of  high quality brass. Both handles have a "soft feel" effect

Connect the hoses to one end and a neck tube to the other. Hose connection 3/8" BSP

Sievert Neck Tubes

Neck tubes connect the burner to the handle. They have varying lengths to suit individual requirements. Smaller, more precise burners are best fitted to a smaller neck tube to achieve precision heating. You will prefer to be a little further away from the larger burners , so use a longer neck tube. Lengths vary from 70mm to 760mm
All neck tubes have a standard fitting to suit all Sievert burners.

Sievert Burners

There is a comprehensive range of Sievert propane burners to achieve the required heating effect.

SV 2941, 2942, 2943, 2944 are general burners.
SV 3938, 3939, 3940, 3941 have a more focused flame suitable for smaller components.
All connect to a neck tube by M20 x 1 thread.

Replacement washers are available for these burners.

SV 3524, 3525 are cyclone burners with their own neck tube which connects directly onto the torch handle. Because they draw air into the gas stream further behind  the flame than other burners, they can operate in enclosed spaces without the flame extinguishing.

SV 8702, 8704 and 8706 are burners for the Powerjet 2335 torch. They have bayonet fittings for ease of changing.

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