If you experience difficulties producing sound strong joints, re-examine your techniques to check that you are adhering to the basic principles of the process.

You will also find that you use less material!


Brazing can be defined as: "a process of joining generally applied to metals in which, during or after heating, molten filler is drawn into or retained in the space between closely adjacent surfaces of the parts to be joined, by capillary attraction".

The key words are by capillary attraction. Everything that you do, joint design, fluxing, heating is aimed at promoting capillary flow. If this is not done you are not brazing. You are not getting all the inherent benefits and advantages of the process. You are simply using a very expensive filler rod to block a hole!

Everything that you do should be aimed at maximising capillary flow.

  • Controlling Joint Gaps.

  • Cleaning of the joint at 600 deg C - the function of the flux.

  • Developing heat patterns to encourage the flow of alloy.