CuP Alloys was originally formed in 1981 as a specialist company dealing solely with silver solder and other brazing and soldering materials. The aim was to provide a comprehensive range of high quality brazing products, a prompt efficient delivery service at competitive prices irrespective of quantity.


This was backed up with a matching level of technical help to ensure the safe efficient use of the product. That aim is the same today. They can boast over 100 years experience in this field with over 98% of all orders being delivered ex stock.


Silver solder and copper brazing materials are supplied by the kilogram for general engineering and in small packs for the occasional user, model engineer and refrigeration engineer. We stock a comprehensive range of silver solders and fluxes in a range of sizes and forms to match exactly your requirements.


All deliveries, large or small, are well packed, clearly labeled and accompanied by Certificates of Conformity. You can be assured that the material behaves and performs in service as expected. To ensure high quality, all alloys are made from virgin metals that conform to ISO 17672 - the International Standard for brazing alloys.


CuP Alloys also offers a range of gas torches, including the highly respected Sievert propane torches, for the efficient and effective use of silver solder.