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Words of wisdom going worldwide - A Guide to Brazing and Soldering by Keith Hale

We have sold a few of Keith's brazing handbooks to Australia and North America and today we have even shipped one to Japan! "A Guide to Brazing and Soldering" by Keith Hale is an essential resource for anyone who wants to master the techniques of brazing and soldering. The book is an in-depth guide that covers everything from the basics of brazing and soldering to more advanced techniques, making it the perfect resource for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Whether you're a metalworker, engineer, or DIY enthusiast, this book will help you understand the fundamental principles of brazing and soldering, including the types of materials and equipment you'll need, the various techniques and methods involved, and the best practices for achieving a strong, durable, and reliable joint. With clear and concise explanations, detailed illustrations, and real-world examples, this book is the perfect guide for anyone looking to improve their brazing and soldering skills.

One of the key benefits of this book is that it covers both brazing and soldering, making it a comprehensive resource that covers all aspects of metal joining. This allows you to learn the differences between brazing and soldering and how to choose the right method for your specific application. Whether you're working with brass, aluminium, steel, or another type of metal, this book will help you select the right materials and techniques to achieve the best results.


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