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2020 London Model Engineering Exhibition

The dates for the 2020 London Exhibition held at Alexandra Palace are

Friday 17th to Sunday 20th January 2020.

We are on our normal pitch - Stand No 5 - next to the organizers office. Turn left as you come in, we are on your left. Doors open at 10.00 each day.

Tickets can be purchased via the following link:


Plenty of parking available augmented by free shuttle bus service to the doors.

There will be the usual combination of high quality products at prices that are becoming increasingly recognized as the best value available. Make your selection from the eight alloys in stock in up to eight rod/wire sizes

The products are clearly and properly labeled and tell you exactly what you are buying.

There is not a more comprehensive range of materials at the show -

• high and low temperature silver solders

• 18 - 56% silver rods, wires, pastes, foil

• flux cored soft solders for aluminium, stainless

• high temperature and low temperature solders

• silver content high and low, special soft solders

• alloys for boilermaking, aircraft undercarriages, boat handrails, clocks and jewellery

• Propane torches and accessories from the Sievert range. Make sure the burner or torch you are buying is what you need. Uniquely we will show you them working.

• Precision oxy-gas torches

• Small portable fixed head torches and

• Pencil torches

• Build your own hearth with non-asbestos bricks for £30

Speed up your heating times by using our insulation blanket. You can even silver solder on the dining room table!

These are more steps towards our goal of being a comprehensive one stop shop for metal joining for the model engineer.

Discuss your metal joining problems and even learn to braze. There will be brazing demonstrations throughout the day.

In response for sound structured advice, is our DVD highlighting the principles of silver soldering including help with joint designs and heating techniques to achieve sound, strong, leak tight joints.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Glen & Shaun.


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