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21st Oct 2014

Keith and Helen attract the crowds with their brazing demonstration, at the Fosse, of a small vertical boiler. They showed the use of two different alloys for step brazing, and the heating technique to promote the capillary flow for sound joints.

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29th Aug 2014

Brazing lectures, demos etc at The Fosse.

Once again CuP Alloys will have a major presence at the Midlands Exhibition at The Fosse.

On the Thursday, Friday and Saturday Keith will be in the Lecture Hall discussing all Brazing matters offering an insight into the various techniques required to produce a sound brazed joint. As well as being available to answer any questions. Then you will have the opportunity to see the theory in action as CuP Alloys, with Helen Verrall-Stait of Western Steam, one of the country's leading boiler makers,  present a series of boiler brazing demonstrations. For timings etc please viisit the stand in it's new location just inside the main entrance.

CuP Alloys - the UK's  #1 supplier of silver solder to the model engineer

27th Aug 2014

CuP Alloys Gift Vouchers now available.

Not sure what to buy the Model Engineer in your life for their birthday, Chrismas, anniversary etc?

Well now there is the perfect gift available, a gift voucher for use against the cost of their silver solder, soft solder, brazing materials or Sievert heating equipment etc.from the CuP Alloys website. They are also accepted for purchases from the stand at exhibitions.

Available in increments of £5.00

CuP Alloys - the UK's  #1 supplier of silver solder to the model engineer

19th Aug 2014

Bristol Exhibition 2014.

Congratulations to Mr Roy Skeates for his model of a WW2 Fairmile 'D' Class Motor Torpedo Boat which won the CuP Alloys Trophy as Best Model in Show. Everthing was made by Roy except the propeller blades and took some 4000 hours. An amazing feat of engineering and a very deserved winner in what was a very tough competition this year. 2nd place went to Mr Maurice Turnbull with his wonderful models of Victorian Machinery and 3rd to Mr Neil Carney for his scale model of a Cornish Waterworks engine.

Once again a very enjoyable and well organised exhibition.

Now to start preparing for the Midlands!!

CuP Alloys - the UK's  #1 supplier of silver solder to the model engineer

11th Aug 2014

Brazing Demostrations at Bristol.

CuP Alloys will be supporting Helen Verall-Stait of Western Steam's brazing demonstrations at the BSMEE exhibition in Thornbury.

Helen will be demonstrating the brazing of a Brue Bolier using materials and equipment from CuP Alloys, including the latest Sievert Portabraze Oxy/Ultramapp kit. Keith will also be on hand with a technical commentary and to answer questions.

The demonstartions will be Friday and Saturday at 12.00 noon and 2.30pm at the Bristol Society Stand.

CuP Alloys - the UK's  #1 supplier of silver solder to the model engineer

10th Aug 2014

BSMEE at Thornbury.

Where does the time go? Once again it is almost time to set off to Thornbury for the very enjoyable and well organised Bristol Exhibition. We will be in our usual spot and as always carry extensive stocks of silver solder, soft solder, fluxes and Sievert heating equipment, all at exhibition discounted prices. Also this year we are offering further discounts on our range of torches, from the extremely populat Turbotorch through to the Oxy/Ultramapp Portabraze kit which can with the addition of a propane regulator be adapted to Oxy/Propane.

As always we will have 100 years of technical experience on the stand to answer any model engineering metal joining questions. You want to see how the 455 runs? We will demonstrate that for you. What size flame is produced fron a Sievert 3939 burner? We will light one and show you. These are things that make exhibitions 'special', things you cannot get from a website.

CuP Alloys - the UK's  #1 supplier of silver solder to the model engineer


23th Jun 2014


Due to their continued success, as from 01.07.14 CuP ALLOYS have negotiated new prices for the torch kits they sell and are passing on these savings to you, the customer. This co-incides with the first of Keith's series of articles on heating techniques starting in the August edition of Engineering In Miniature. Please see the website from 01.07.14 or call for further details.

CuP Alloys - the UK's  #1 supplier of silver solder to the model engineer

12th May 2014


Having just returned from the Harrogate Exhibition we have to say what a great event it was. Plenty of friends old and new visited our stand and some of the exhibits were out of this world! Our next major exhibition will be Bristol in August, but we are considering a few 'local' shows, so please watch this space as we may be near you very soon!

22nd May 2014

Continuing to present you with information that ensures you silver solder efficiently and effectively is important.

Heating is often the cause of, and answer to, many brazing problems. In the Aug Sep and October issues of EIM there will be a 3-part article on heating. The article is written by Keith Hale BSc - Consultant to CuP Alloys and based on 40+ years experience in the business.

He will also deliver a talk at the Midlands Exhibition to answer questions. These are scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 13.00. He will also be available on the stand. Find it on the left just as you walk in.

CuP Alloys - the UKs'  #1 supplier of silver solder to the model engineer

23th Apr 2014

Harrogate here we come!

After the first Spalding Exhibition we hardly have time to unload the van before we head up the A1 to Harrogate! The Spalding event was very well organised and although we hoped it would be a little busier as I was reminded, 21 years ago this year Harrogate started in a similar fashion, and has become one of the best exhibitions in the calendar. We are in our usual spot at Harrogate and are looking forward to seeing friends old and new.

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09th Apr 2014

Are you struggling to join steel?

The May issue of Engineering in Miniature carries an article, written by our Keith Hale using his 45 years experience in the silver solder market, The article compares and contrasts the techniques for joining steel and copper components leading to strong leak-free joints.
CuP Alloys - the UKs'  #1 supplier of silver solder to the model engineer.

08th Apr 2014

Gauge 1 Exhibition Bakewell.

We will be at Bakewell Saturday 12th April for the Gauge 1 Exhibition. Extensive stocks available at discounted prices, along with technical advice to help solve any brazing and soldering problems you may have.

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