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Sievert Professional Torch Kit

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An ideal torch with many different uses including preheating, soft soldering and brazing. The complete kit is a cost effective way of creating a flexible, versatile heating system for the model and refrigeration engineer. It comes with a 2941 general purpose burner generatring between 7 and 14Kw of heat. The variable regulator allows you to adjust the heat output bringing extra flexability to the system. It is also light and portable and uses readily available propane gas.

• Clesse (Variable 0.5 - 4 bar) Regulator - DN20056X
• 3486 Pro 86 Handle (soft feel) with 5mm fitted tail
• 3511 70mm Neck Tube
• 2941 28mm Burner (which generates 7.7kw of heat)
• 2 metres of hose

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