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21st June 2017


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06th Feb 2017


Would your Club like a talk on Brazing? 

The above picture was taken at Bradford MES and shows Keith preparing to deliver his talk on silver soldering,
The talk explains what you need to do, why you have to do it and how to do it, to silver solder successfully.
The presentation lasts approx 90 mins plus a q+a session,
Members are able to purchase materials at the reduced exhibition prices,
Contact us for more details.

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20th Jan 2017

Celebrating 21 years of the London Model Engineering Exhibition  Congratulations Meridienne  


21st Sep 2016


I just wanted to write and tell you all that I think the 455 is absolutely fantastic. I restore vintage espresso coffee machines and the solder works great on the pipe fittings and boilers.  But it is also brilliant for repairing body panels, brass castings etc...the best way I can think of to describe it, is that it is very smooth, so sanding it, blending it in and polishing it ready for the chrome platers is now very easy.  No pits or gassy bubbles.  And obviously no panel distortions due to the low heat.
A great product!

21st Sep 2016

Look out for us at The Midlands Exhibition in our 'new' old spot, Stand 2 just left of the entrance.

18th Jul 2016

There has been a lot of talk amongst Model Engineers lately about controling the joint gap during brazing.

To this end we have added to the FAQ's 'How to control the joint gap|'

We hope this new information is of interest and solves any potential problems. But as always we are the end of the phone or on email to assist where required.

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